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five stages
 by olivia serio

for those i’ve lost, in blood or bond.

One day I woke up
and we no longer spoke
the same language.
I haven’t heard from you since."
Where did you go?, Hishaam Siddiqi (via yadounya)

a small note: -

I know it’s highly unlikely that this will reach any of you, but to those deleting the numbers on the six word story posts, I can’t help but wonder why. Do the numbers somehow diminish the meaning? (a rhetorical question, but the answer is “no, not at all.”) The numbers are there partially for my own reference, but also for future traveling. They are as much a title as one might find on a poem. After all, most of Shakespeare’s sonnets are referred to by number. Now, I’m not  trying to imply that my writing is equivalent to Shakespeare, but the point stands:

Please do not edit an author’s work. This extends beyond the work itself to include titles and references, notation and addendum. Don’t touch it. Just pass it along.

She said, “Fuck everything.” He did."
— six word story #11


For the greatest tragedy of them all 
Is never to feel the burning light.

Icarus never doubted the Sun’s intentions."
— six word story #10

Sunshine was forgotten with the night."
— six word story #9

You were worth the aching heart."
— six word story #8

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